The Challenges Malaysia¡¯s Wastewater Treatment Industry are Still Facing in 2022

06 Apr 2022
The Challenges Malaysia¡¯s Wastewater Treatment Industry are Still Facing in 2022
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The global Sustainable Development Goals Index of Malaysia measured in 2021 highlighted that the proper treatment of human-produced wastewater remains a major challenge, and we learnt that wastewater treatment requires both the active and passive approaches to make the needing environmental changes happen in Malaysia by all stakeholders. All citizens have a part to play, be it a voice to premises owner or a drive to policy makers for change. For us as citizens to staying passive doesn’t forward the progress, as the responsibility has been heavily relied on government’s policy in the past.


Department of Environment, or DOE in short (Kementerian Alam Sekitar dan Air) issued Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluents) Regulations 2009 to govern industrial effluent discharge particularly to the manufacturing operator in Malaysia, and the policy remains in use until today. The regulations require premises that release effluents to soils or any inland waters applying to be authorized and follow the discharging procedures of monitoring, design and construction of the treatment system. However, the information available online has not been completed, which make the progress measuring study the other challenge where the trend is unavailable to identify.


The efficacious action and essential step to be taken by manufacturing premises is no other than working together with wastewater treatment specialist to keep their treatment systems’s functionality in check, which to ensure compliance fulfilment. The significance of doing so is not only pretending the spills of restricted substances, but in general avoiding the occurrence of accidental untreated discharge which could directly lead to public health issues, or another water outage which would then affect businesses. These are not unfamiliar issues in Malaysia throughout the year, and these issues themselves are reminders to taking responsible first step to progress our much needed environmental change for consistent treated and clean water supply. 


In out line of business, we have seen how effluent discharge been neglected until a compound issued by a government, which incur not only the evitable fine but also unnecessary environmental cost. While the challenges remain, it’s only when we as a whole are taking accountability then the challenges could be overcome and national progress would take place.



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